In Community We Trust

Indihood is a hyperlocal, crowdsourcing
tech platform that empowers communities
to solve socio-economic challenges
at population scale
Indihood empowers communities to solve livelihood problems by gathering
actionable data, creating unique workflows and building customisable mobile
and web applications, all while requiring no engineering or coding experience.
Indihood powered community
A Platform for Financial Empowerment
Avanti Finance aims to make a population scale impact on 100 million underserved people across India by providing affordable credit and financial products through a digital platform, built in strategic partnership with Indihood.
Our Team
Lalitesh Katragadda
Founder, Director

Dr. Lalitesh Katragadda is a pioneer in crowdsourcing and building products for the underserved. His creation, Google Map Maker, tripled the world's digital maps corpus - mapping 3 billion people in 187 countries.

His robotics startup (Sphereo) was Google’s first acquisition in 2002, after which he co-founded Google India and headed Google India Products until 2014. He now builds scalable companies and products for India's Billion. He architected AP’s Fiber Grid and authored India’s national Open API policy. Lalitesh has spoken at TED and The White House.

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We are passionate about building scalable solutions
for India’s next billion.

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